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Here is a collection of some interesting photos captured by our WebCam.  Hold your mouse pointer over a small image to read more about it.  Select one of the small images to see the full size version. Click it again for an even larger image.

Autumn rain coming toward the camera
Autumn shower

Sun shining through the rain

Large rain drops on the window
Rain drops on window

Two crows passing by the camera
Crows passing by the camera

Lights turning on in the evening
Lights starting to turn on

Foggy Day - You can just make out some trees in the lower part of the picture
Fog passes over the mountain

Aircraft contrails
Aircraft contrails across the sky

Boisea trivittata is a species of true bug, commonly known as the Box Elder Bug, or Maple Bug
Box Elder bug on outside window

The beautiful fall colors
Fall colors starting to show

Night time with full moon
Night Time with full moon

A fly got into the enclosure during maintenance
Fly in the soup

Camera captures three USAF HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters (Just to the left of the reflection of the lens). They fly regularly from PDX to SEA.
Three USAF helicopters

The day after we had 2 1/4 inches of rain. Note all the ponds below.
The day after 2-1/4" rain here.

Fog fills the entire valley moving upriver toward the South. Steam plume center/right is the pulp & paper mill in St. Helens, OR
Beautiful morning with fog in Valley

November 23, 2008 - CCD in camera just starting to burn due to pointing camera into the sun, also a low sun angle
CCD in camera starting to burn

Snow here with a lot of rain in the valley.  The pink arcs on the top of the picture is the path of the sun where it burned the CCD in the camera.
Time for a new camera

Camera took picture of me walking on our roof after making adjustments to enclosure of new Cam
Caught on roof
new cam install

Taken at twilight, almost an hour berore sunrise
Morning Twilight

This was a multiple exposure photo averaged together with airplane leaving PDX airport
Airplane at Night

Camera caught me mowing our field below on the John Deere Tractor
Mowing field

Turkey Vultures soaring on the hillside below the camera
Turkey Vultures

Rainbows while lightly raining
Two rainbows

A Wasp walking on the glass
Wasp on glass

A Yellow Jacket walking on the glass
Yellow Jacket on

No image here yet
Full Moon

No image here yet
Elk herd with 5-pt
bull in field

Another Picture of me mowing our field below on the John Deere Tractor
Another Field
mowing below

No image here yet
No Image

No image here yet
No Image

No image here yet
No Image