Thelen Tree Farm

Celebrating 19 Years - 2001 ~ 2020  

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Welcome to The Thelen Tree Farm.
We are a privately owned forest managed for timber production.  We are located about thirty minutes north of Portland, Oregon, on the Interstate 5 corridor, in the town of Woodland, Washington, U.S.A.. 
Woodland is the gateway to the recreational side of Mount St. Helens.

We have information here about our tree farm and what goes on here.  We also have several pages of mechanical engineering charts, tables, and data in the Tech Data page.  And you can find information about my latest Crystal Set design.

We also have a WebCam that looks South to the town of Woodland, Washington all the way to Portland, Oregon.

We are followers of Jesus Christ and attend a local church in Vancouver, WA.

Enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting our web site.

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